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 +In some situations it may be desirable to share circuit and analysis across multiple backends. Examples are cross verification, benchmarking, pointing out differences,  or demonstrate problems.
 +Gnucap provides a mechanism that can be used to share batch files with other spice implementations more easily. Consider the following spice input.
 +I1 1 0 1
 +R1 1 0 1
 +*>.print dc v(1)
 +.print dc v(1)
 +The key concept here is the "anticomment": Spice normally ignores all lines starting with "*". Gnucap in spice mode does not ignore lines starting with *>.
 +With this, the input above runs with either gnucap, gnucap -b and ngpice -b, performing a similar simulation with similar results.
 +As you may have noticed, post-punchcard file formats often define preprocessor conditionals. Typical contenders for comparisons such as ngspice do not support any of these.
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