"delete" command


Remove a line, or a group of lines, from the circuit description.


delete label ...
delete all


To delete a part, by label, enter the label. (Example `DEL R15'.) Wildcards `*' and `?' are allowed, in which case, all that match are deleted.

To delete the entire circuit, the entire word ALL must be entered. (Example `DEL ALL'.)

After deleting anything, there is usually no way to get it back, but if a fault had been applied (see fault command) restore may have surprising results.

“clear” is similar to, but a little more drastic than delete all.


delete all

Delete the entire circuit, but save the title.

delete R12

Delete R12.

delete R12 C3

Delete R12 and C3.

delete R*

Delete all resistors. (Also, any models and subcircuits starting with R.)


Clear out everything to start over.

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