"load" and "unload" commands


Load and unload plugins.


load public-model.so
load ./my-model.so
unload ./my-model.so


The load command loads a compiled plugin module. Plugins can be used to arbitrarily extend gnucap. You can add models, commands, functions, measurements, and anything else.

Warning messages such as:

M: already installed, replacing
stashing as M:0

are harmless, and only indicate that something that was already installed is hidden by loading the plugin.

Plugins are shared-object files in a format that is determined by the system. Plugins must be compiled with the same compiler and same headers that compiled the main executable.

It is intended to maintain source compatibility between stable releases of gnucap, but no guarantee is made about binary compatibility.

The load command must be available as a built-in command, because without it, you cannot load any plugins. It is possible to override it with a plugin.


load ./bsim463.so

Load the plugin from the current directory.

load bsim463.so

Load it from the public area, as defined by LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

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