"store" command


Select points in the circuit to store for postprocessing.


store mode points ... ...
store mode + points ... ...
store mode - points ... ...
store mode CLEAR 


The “store” command selects probes to store for postprocessing, such as measures.

There are separate lists of points for each type of analysis.

To list the points, use the bare command “store”.

On start-up, probes are not set. You must do the command “store op v(nodes)”, “store tran v(nodes)” or whatever you want, to store any data for post-processing.

You can add to or delete from an existing list by prefixing with + or -. store ac + v(3) adds v(3) to the existing set of AC probes. store ac - q(c5) removes q(c5) from the list. You can use the wildcard characters * and ? when deleting.


store ac v(nodes)

The voltage at all nodes for AC analysis.

store dc v(nodes) id(M*)

The voltage at all nodes and the parameter “id” on all devices witl labels starting with “M”, for DC analysis.

store tran v(*) p(*)

All parameters named “v”, which probably means all node voltages and the most common voltage for all devices. All parameters named “p”, which is usually power.


List all probes stored, for all modes.

store op

Display the OP store list.

store ac clear

Clear the AC list.

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