Basic passive devices

Gnucap includes the usual basic Spice devices, and some others that are found in commercial versions of Spice.

All of them are designed as plugins, but are included in the base distribution and loaded by default.

All of them can be extended by simple behavioral expressions, in some cases beyond what is available in any Spice.

All of them have extended probes, more than any Spice.

The basic devices

  • capacitor (C)
  • inductor (L)
  • resistor (R)
  • fixed voltage source (V)
  • fixed current source (I)
  • voltage controlled voltage source (E)
  • voltage controlled current source (G)
  • current controlled voltage source (H)
  • current controlled current source (F)

Less common basic devices

  • admittance (Y)
  • voltage controlled resistor
  • voltage controlled capacitor
  • voltage controlled admittance
  • trans-capacitor

More info

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